Shipping Container Cafes & Restaurants

Royal Wolf's shipping container cafe & restaurant range of pop-up kiosks come with standard fit-outs and are the ideal solution for catering at food festivals, expos, markets and events in a flexible location. In fact some now popular brick and mortar cafes and restaurants started out as a humble operations run from a shipping container.

At Royal Wolf we can convert shipping containers into a cafe, restaurant, coffee shop all the way through to a bakery or juice bar just to name a few. You choose the design, the fit out and size from our range of 10 foot, 20 foot or 40 foot shipping containers and we will do the rest. Whether you're just getting started or an established business looking to bring in additional income a shipping container pop-up can be a profitable business opportunity.

Royal Wolf's design team and engineers are all Australian based and are available to discuss your exact requirements with you.

Whether you're have an existing cafe or restaurant or are looking to get started we're here to help. Contact our team today on 1300 651 700 for more information about our range of shipping container cafes and restaurants. Ready to get started? Request a quote below.


Ideal for catering and food festivals, expos and events
Perfect for pop-up cafes and restaurants
Range of designs, fitouts and sizes



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