Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I hire a shipping container from?

Royal Wolf specialises in shipping containers for hire and sale of new, used and modified storage and shipping containers. We have 24 Customer Service Centres located throughout Australia including shipping containers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Tasmania. To locate your nearest location, visit our page: 

How are shipping containers delivered?

There are 3 different transport options when deciding on the best method of delivery your shipping container. We can often deliver within 24 hours of ordering. Delivery time depends on product availability, the number of storage containers you need, what kind of accessories or modifications you may require and your location. For shipping container delivery information, view our delivery page:

How will I be invoiced for my rented container(s)?

Customers are invoiced monthly. Payment can be made by credit card or direct debit.

How do I pay if I purchase a storage container?

Payment is required prior to delivery or pick-up of container. Means of payment include cheque, cash, direct credit or by EFT (Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, Amex).

What size are Royal Wolf storage containers?

Our general purpose containers are available in 8ft (minicube), 10ft high cube palletwide, 20ft standard or high cube heigh, 40ft standard or high cube height. Alternate sizes can be custom-built to your exact specifications.

How secure are Royal Wolf containers?

Royal Wolf containers are built tough from heavy gauge corrosion resistant steel. Most containers are fully lockable, wind, water and vermin proof. For additional security we can fit our special Lock Box system that further protects your container’s contents. In addition, window guards can be installed on any of our accommodation and site-office units.

Do I need council permission?

Each council has its own rulings on shipping containers therefore it is recommended that you give your local council a call before making a purchase or committing to a hire.

Do Royal Wolf have any Safety Information when hire or buying a Shipping Container?

At Royal Wolf we pride ourselves in providing quality products and the highest level of safety experience and advice during and after your transaction. For all shipping container safety information, visit our page: 

How much does it cost to hire a shipping container?

The cost to hire a shipping container can vary depending on the size and type you are requiring.  For a quick quote, call your local team on 1300 651 700 or enter your details via our request a quote form.

If I purchase a container from Royal Wolf, will I be able to sell it back to Royal Wolf at a later date?

Royal Wolf can offer a buy back program subject to market value at the time and transport costs to collect the container.

Can Royal Wolf create customised modifications?

Yes. At Royal Wolf a container is not just a module that has four sides, a base and a roof – it is considered a frame and what can be added to that frame depends on the application. Speak to our team about your ideas and let us work together to create a unique container modification for you.

What are Royal Wolf Containers made from?

Our General Purpose containers are made from Corten Steel and Marine Ply Flooring.  Other containers can have various options available upon request.

Can I have my container delivered to a specific location and then afterwards, picked up and delivered to another location?

Yes, providing Royal Wolf is kept advised of its location at all times. Royal Wolf can even facilitate the movement if required. Please note the Wolf Lock Safety Container can not be transported with goods inside.

Can I visit a Royal Wolf branch to inspect containers I am interested in?

Yes you can. Please check your nearest location for opening hours.  It is always advisable to call us prior to visiting to arrange to meet with you.

Am I able to store my own container at your self-storage facility?

Self-storage and onsite storage varies per location. Please visit the self-storage page to see what your local branch can offer:

Am I able to ship my container to an international destination?

Royal Wolf can assist you in purchasing a unit for international shipment and assist in providing relevant certification on an existing unit you may own. We unfortunately do not offer freight forwarding, customs or international shipment services at this time. Please note, Royal Wolf Hire units are for domestic use only.

Am I able to choose the colour of my container?

When purchasing a container we have a standard range of colours available at an additional cost. If you prefer a Colourbond colour we can price accordingly.